Ushers Schedule

For the following Sundays of each month:

First Sunday of Month: John Armstrong, Allen Bierbower, Leon Bierbower, Tom Hovetter, Bill Kuhn

Second Sunday of Month: Ron Burge, John Clugston, Chad Murray, Tricia Murray, Jeff Reichard

Third Sunday of Month: Roy Angle, Dean Faust, Nelson Myers, Joe Pentz, Amanda Rhone

Fourth Sunday of Month: Linda Eiker, Eric Eiker, Tucker Eiker, Richard Pryor, Victor Rhone

Fifth Sunday of Month: Ron Burge, John Martin, Richard Pryor, Richard Reichard, Larry Sellers




The Brethren Fellowship Church
339 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, PA 17201


Service Times:
Sunday School - 9:00AM
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:00AM

Bible Study - 6:30PM
Youth Group - 6:30PM