We are people joined together, who want to build relationships with each other and with our local community. This is to be more than a social thing; it is to be a matter of spiritual growth.

We are joined together by the Gospel, building relationships which reflect our common desire to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”, and to build relationships in our community that will help people find a personal relationship with God.

Our hope is to build a church without walls. Walls separate. Walls isolate. Walls can cast a large shadow. Rather than putting up walls which keep people away from God, we seek to tear them down. Jesus himself is our example as he consistently reached out to the un-churched of his day.

No matter what your spiritual background or past, we want you to feel safe exploring and discovering God. Come as you are; but, in the spirit of an adventure, don’t stay as you are!

We are a Christian community that meets on Lincoln Way, but believes that the church is not to be inwardly boxed in by the four walls of a church building, but instead should focus outwardly into the world.

The Brethren Fellowship Church
339 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, PA 17201


Service Times:
Sunday School - 9:00AM
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:00AM

Bible Study - 6:30PM
Youth Group - 6:30PM